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Ok dudes, I’m going to do you a solid. Pay attention, because this will get you where you want to be with a hotwife. Doesn’t matter if you’re single or a hot husband. LISTEN!

Not so long ago I met a female follower who was exploring the hotwife lifestyle. I don’t believe she explored much further than blogging and to the best of my knowledge I was the first male she met with outside of her marriage. Despite an awful day at work and a shitty headache, I went through with meeting her. Long story short, she is from an opposite coast and was not staying local to me. She even went as far as to rent a car to come see me. I took her to a nice dinner and we talked, forever. I couldn’t help but admire her beauty both inside and out. And despite the negative day, I wanted to take her home and unwrap her, do naughty things to her and send her home a mess. I really did.

Throughout our conversation I discovered how new she was to this. So new that I had the gift of being her first. That excited me greatly because I know what affect the first has on a hotwife.

I began asking questions, typical safe questions. How did you come to this? What are your husbands feelings on this? Where have you looked? Etc, etc. I took myself back to our first time as a couple and then it dawned on me, had this been my wife, I wouldn’t want to miss a moment of this. Had this been my wife I would be pretty upset if I wasn’t there to see this unfold. As the date got longer I brought her back to my place, we shared a drink and I just couldn’t get my mind off of her husband not being here. I felt if things would have progressed I would have made things worse between them instead of better. I began to pull back from her, blaming an otherwise shitty day and not feeling well. Gawd I wanted to fuck her, but I couldn’t do it. I knew there would be problems when she got home.

Fast forward several months later, she contacted me to let me know she finally had her first experience. Admittedly I was a bit jealous, but felt honored that she shared her new hotwife status with me. It was at this point I let her know why things did not move forward between us on that first date. And I was right, it would not have gone well when she returned to her husband. She admitted it was important to him to be there.

So what does it mean? Sure it would have been nice to be with her that evening, but that would have been the first and last time it would have happened not only for us, but more than likely for her as well. Sure I gave away being her first. However, I still have her friendship. And I still get to have my way with her the next time I see her.

I’ve mentioned it several times. Pay attention, ask questions, listen. Getting laid is easy, getting a call back… that’s the true reward. Do it right and they’ll keep calling you back. And that doesn’t mean doing them right. Penetrating the body is easy, penetrating the mind is much more rewarding.


I owe many many updates


I still owe everyone the final update from Cassidy’s date night last week. I couldn’t believe it and have been in a several day haze of pure pleasure since. We’ve also been in Vegas so that has kept me from updating. Cassidy has also been having lots of fun. We were even asked to leave the adult…

Can’t wait to see what she’s been up to.

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So after about a week we’re at 94 followers. T told me just now that if we hit 100 by midnight she’ll post a special pic to celebrate. It’s not a life accomplishment or even probably to impressive for a first week on tumblr but it’s our blog and we dig it!

Why not follow them? We are 😉

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Do u anal train your husband and if so, how do u train him


I don’t, we’re not into the femdom lifestyle.

To keep you updated, In addition to my wife wanting me in chastity. She wants to now cuckold me. I'm open to the idea but don't hav much of a choice as we are in a female led relationship. She wants to fuck me with a strapon and when not be fucked wants be plugged 24/7. She hav me fluff her and her lover before and after and will swallow her lovers load.I will soon realize to enjoy this life:). This is really interesting to me and looking forward to trying this. Do u think lates normal.


Sounds like you are already comfortable with everything.

What is normal?

You only live once. Live how you want to. Love who you want to. Do what you want to.

Elevator wisdom

  • Random Older Gentleman in the Elevator: Feeling good?
  • Me: Not bad, just tired. Long day.
  • Random Older Gentleman in the Elevator: Long days aren't the problem. It's the short nights that are the problem.

My wife wants me to try chastity. My wife says I can choose how often I cum. I would rly appreciate instead if you pick how long I'm locked. Thanks.



I say an entire month.

You can release once a week.

You cannot release on or in your wife.

after you have released, you must get your wife off with anything other than your cock.

Please keep us updated ;)

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Another wonderful submission.  Unfortunately we do not know who this belongs to.  We would love to see more!

Another wonderful submission. Unfortunately we do not know who this belongs to. We would love to see more!

Very nice and thanks for sharing. I never considered myself a voyeur and to most it sounds creepy, would you agree? The first time I saw my wife giving a hot blow job to my buddy, it was like watching my personal porn starring my wife. Thanks again

I know the exact feeling!




This is really hot!
Someone is about to become a hotwife.

I have a new fetish… reading this couples text messages.


Cassidy getting ready for another naughty day in Vegas.

What a view!!!!


Cassidy getting ready for another naughty day in Vegas.

What a view!!!!